About Randy Krieger

M.Div., CADC1, MA- Intern

rhomeApproach to Counseling

Randy believes all people have a primary need to be understood.  As a therapist, he recognizes that a client is dealing with pain/challenges in their lives in the best way they know how.  Sometimes, in an effort to relieve the pain, patterns may develop that hinder a person rather than help them. Randy uses a variety of approaches and techniques to help facilitate an awareness of patterns so that a client can make responsible choices regarding their lives.  He works in collaboration with his clients to explore various areas in their lives that are helpful—resources such as people, belief systems, activities, and self-knowledge.


The client is the expert of their subjective world, and the therapist is the expert of helping process the subjectivity. The counseling contract between therapist and client is voluntary. Clients, at any time, may decide to terminate therapy. The number of sessions varies greatly depending on the type and severity of the problem. Randy will inform you of options regarding your counseling, and will respect your needs regarding frequency of sessions.

Education, Training & Experience

Randy holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health from George Fox University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from Oregon State University and a Masters of Divinity Degree from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

In addition, he has completed 12 units of Clinical Pastoral Education from a combination of Oregon State Hospital, Providence Hospital, and Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care (VIP Care) over 3 years.

Randy is a certified Fellow level counselor with American Association of Pastoral Counselors with 16 years of experience working as a spiritual counselor in a drug and alcohol residential treatment center.

Continuing Education & Supervision

To maintain my certifications, Randy is required to participate in ongoing education taking classes dealing with subjects relevant to this profession.

Fees and Scheduling

Therapy sessions are $90.00 per session. Randy is ethically committed to provide counseling at an amount you can afford. He will not refuse services due to an inability to pay the full fee. You will be charged for a session, if you fail to show up and did not give 24 hours advance notice. Sessions are normally 50 minutes in length.

Code of Ethics

I, Randy Krieger, abide by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors Code of Ethics.

You may contact the office of American Association of Pastoral Counselors at:

AAPC Association Office
9504A Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22031-2303
(703) 385-6967